The Good News of Easter: He Lives!


On Easter most church experience perhaps their largest attendance each year. Folks who don’t go to church at any other time seem to show up that day: and as a Pastor, I’m grateful. Such folks are often referred to as “CME” Christians. The CME means you get to see these folks in church Christmas, Mother’s Day and Easter.

Well, I suppose that if we want to make an impression to possibly see them more often, then I suppose we have to offer them something on those few visits that really meet their needs. That can be a struggle for any church. How do you meet such diversity of needs when you only see many of them once to three times a year?

Maybe this little story offers some insight. No doubt you’ve heard the old saying “One size fits all.” It’s a great saying, but it just “ain’t” true most of the time. During Holy Week In the spring of 1981, the president of a national hotel chain was speaking at a conference in Atlanta Georgia, and while he was there, he decided he needed a haircut. While sitting in the chair of a neighborhood barber, he struck up a conversation. “What are you doing for a vacation this summer?” The barber’s face brightened, “My wife and I are taking a road trip, and we’re driving to Phoenix.” “Really” the hotel president asked, “and where are you going to stay while you’re on this road trip?” The barber said “Well, on the way out there, we’re going to stay at the cheapest hotels possible, so that when we get there we can afford to stay in something really nice.” And the hotel president thought to himself, “This guy is never going to stay in my hotel, because when he’s driving to Phoenix, we’re too expensive, and when he gets to Phoenix, we’re too inexpensive.” He immediately flew back to his office in Silver Spring Maryland, called his Board of Directors together and announced “One size does not fit all! We need to diversify to meet the different needs of people.” And the result was a company that began to offer four different levels of hotels; The Sleep Inn, The Comfort Inn, The Quality Inn, and The Clarion. The name of the company is “Choice Hotels.”

With that rather earthy illustration, I would suggest to you that on that first Easter Sunday, those who were the followers of Jesus had a variety of needs as well. And further, I believe that the diversity of needs remain yet today. We will not all be drawn to church for the exact same reason this Easter. Some will be there because they are curious. Others will be there to keep peace in the family. Still others will walk in because they have worshiped on Easter every year, and they cannot imagine being anyplace else. Still one size does not fit all. But “The Good News of Easter: He Lives” is such a gripping story that it ultimately meets the need of every person who will come to church this Easter.

Join us at Covenant this Easter: either at Sunrise Service at 7:30 AM with Easter Breakfast to follow or for our Celebration of the Resurrection at 10 AM; or perhaps both. I’ll be preaching on “The Good News of Easter: He Lives.” One size will not fit all of you, but I promise you that this gripping story based on John 20:1-18 of the resurrection can meet the need of hope that lives in each of us!


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