Who Is Leading You?


s I have stated previously, Lent is a season for inner spiritual reflection. It’s a time we seek God and also seek answers to questions of life that we all face. In this regard, without a doubt the most famous questions all begin with “WHY?” The list of “why” questions are endless. Most of the time we discover that there really is no answer to many of the “why” questions we ask. Other times we discover that even knowing the answer to the “why” questions doesn’t change anything or make the situation any better. I suppose the reality, even in a season for inner spiritual reflection, is that we simply often ask the wrong questions. Just asking the right question might lead to the spiritual breakthrough many of us need on our Lenten Journey for 2014.

Mickey Anders, in “Asking the Wrong Questions, shares this story: When a group of tourists saw a legless war veteran go to the Shrine of Lourdes, they whispered and laughed, “Does he suppose God will give him back his legs?” The veteran overheard this remark. Turning to the group, he said, “No, I don’t expect God to give me back my legs. I expect him to show me how to live without them.”

Perhaps if we just asked the right questions, we would discover that God is not in the business of bringing pain and suffering into our lives. Rather God gives strength to live even in the midst of the worst kinds of suffering. To come to this discovery, maybe the right question on our 2014 Lenten Journey doesn’t begin with “Why” but “Who?” Perhaps the right question is “Who Is Leading You? If it is the Good Shepherd of Psalm 23, we can confidently expect God to show us how to live despite the “why” questions we all face in life.

Join us for worship at Covenant on this Fourth Sunday in Lent. Join us also immediately after worship as we celebrate March Birthdays with cake and punch. The sermon this week is “WHO IS LEADING YOU?” based on Psalm 23 and Ephesians 5:8-13.


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