This Sunday is known as “Low Sunday.” That’s because the Sunday after Easter historically registers the lowest church attendance worldwide than any other Sunday of the year.
        Also true for the Sunday after Easter is that followers of the lectionary are always confronted with the story of “Doubting Thomas.”In reading this passage of scripture for the umpteenth time, this week something stood out to me that I don’t remember dwelling on before.
            In the events leading up to Thomas’ doubts that Jesus is risen and to a week later when his doubts are alleviated, the set up for both events includes essential the same phrase. In verse 19, on Easter evening it says with the doors locked for fear of the Jewish leaders, Jesus came and stood among them.”  On the Sunday following Easter, in verse 29 it says, “Though the doors were locked, Jesus came and stood among them.”
            At first, I wondered: How did Jesus do this? My mind took me back to “Star Trek” where folks were routinely transported from one place to another. Was Jesus pulling off that kind of thing 2000 years before Gene Rodenberry put in on film? On Star Trek when people were transported and suddenly appeared in places; it was often them entering unknown and uncertain ventures fraught with all kinds of hidden dangers. I suppose this was a heavenly type of transporting of the Risen Jesus to suddenly appear behind lock doors with the disciples, but one thing I know; nothing was unknown to Him, and His sudden appearance was intended to bring peace.
        The more I thought about these two times of Jesus suddenly appearing behind locked doors with the disciples made me think that there must is something about Jesus’s presence that unlocks doors in our lives. All of us have doors that keep us from the life God intended and still wants for us.
        What door through the presence of Jesus needs to be unlocked for you? Jesus wants to unlock it for you!
        So, buck the trend and join us in worship at Covenant on this “Low Sunday.” I will be preaching from “John 20:19-31” how Jesus’ presence unlocked 3 doors for His disciples that Easter Sunday the Sunday after it. He wants to unlock them for us also in 2016. My sermon title will be “Jesus, A Presence That Unlocks Doors!”



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