The assigned scripture text for this coming Sunday is the first six verses of Isaiah 12. It’s a wonderful text with lots of what I needed to hear this week. I needed the comfort these scriptures brought me when after having checked in with my great nephew dying of stage four cancer; I also learned that treatment is not working and there’s nothing more that can be done for a dear friend, also with cancer. The events of this week have just seemed overwhelming.

So reading Isaiah 12 was a much needed and welcomed encouragement for me. The message of this passage seemed to be very appropriate for those of us facing the future with huge disappointments, the dying process of those we love and very palpable fear. I found in these Old Testament scriptures a wonderful reminder God’s love, forgiveness, mercy and abundant grace.

The last verse in one of my favorite modern day hymns “Ours The Journey” that we sing at Covenant says:

Should the threats of dire predictions cause us to withdraw in pain, May your blazing phoenix spirit, resurrect the church again. God of rainbow, fiery pillar, leading where the eagles soar, We your people, ours the journey, now and ever more.

I needed the words of that song this week to remind me that God is leading no matter what dire predictions we face. I needed the words of Isaiah 12 reminding me that “The Lord God is my strength and my might: God has become my salvation. With joy ‘I’ will draw water from the wells of salvation.” As I read those words this week, especially, I couldn’t help but think how amazing it is that scripture really is the living word of God and speaks to us a message of hope in difficult and challenging times.

So join us in worship this Sunday morning at Covenant and let this Living Word of God” speak to us on how to “Dig Deep in the Well of God’s Salvation!” Come and let’s together “With joy … draw water ‘of hope’ from the well of salvation,” from “Isaiah 12:1-6.”


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