This week we have the rare events of Christmas Eve being on Saturday and Christmas itself being on Sunday. I know that much will clamor for your attention and time on these two days. However, I want to encourage you to remember the real reason of the season and ask you to take a little time and join us at Covenant for two brief worship celebrations this weekend.

I have been asked “why we are having two services on this weekend?” Well let me try to answer that question. At Covenant, we understand that life, with all of it challenges and difficulties, does not stop with the arrival of the holidays. No, it’s just that during the holidays we have the added burdens of all the preparation and additional pressure the holiday season brings added to all of the other issues of life we already have.

So we need these two worship events to help us center on what’s really important. At Covenant, this week, we won’t be trying to offer any easy answers for your difficult life challenges. But we will be clear on what our faith is and what it is not. And though our faith is 2000 years old, our thinking is not. Our community of worship is an extravagant welcome from a God who loves each of us unconditionally. So, we invite you to join us on Saturday evening, Christmas Eve, at 6 PM; in a service of “Lights and Lesson, Carols and Communion” as we experience the Joy, Peace and Hope of the Season in remembering “Christmas” as “The Greatest Love Story Ever!”

Then on Sunday morning, before you head off to visit relatives, loved ones and friends, join us for our very brief Christmas morning worship at 10 AM as a means to “Keep Christ in ‘Your’ Christmas.” After all, that’s our best hope to meet the challenges of life, this Christmas and in 2017, successfully.

We hope you will make these faith community worship opportunities. However, even if you can’t, please know that we at Covenant Community Church wish you:



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