On Wednesday nights in February, our Life Lessons are series on, “When God Get Your Attention.” We are using individual testimonies from Covenant members to illustrate that God is still speaking to get our attention today. Our scriptural example for this series is Moses’ encounter with a “Burning Bush.”

A “Burning Bush” experience is when “in the midst of a routine; when you least expect it; you are surprised by God’s invitation.” The metaphorical “Burning Bush” experience played out by other names and in different ways in the scriptures.

The assigned scriptures for this Fifth Sunday after the Epiphany are two such examples. In Isaiah 6, Isaiah had his “Burning Bush” experience as a vision. In Luke 5, some men had their “Burning Bush” experience while fishing.

All 3 experiences, Moses, Isaiah and some future disciples were a calling to say yes to God’s invitation. It’s natural to have questions as all of them did. However, the important thing to remember from these 3 “Burning Bush” experiences is their answering in the affirmative to God’s invitation.

Moses went to Egypt and led Israelites out of slavery. Isaiah responded, “Here I am, send me.” As for the fisherman in Luke 5, their obedience following Jesus instructions resulted in “full nets.” Their response to Jesus’ invitation to become disciples was “they left everything and following Him.” (v. 11)

When we are willing to say yes to God’s invitation and serve God by serving others, we find the true blessing of love hope and peace, “filling our nets.”

Join us for worship at Covenant on this Sunday before Valentine’s Day when the sermon will challenge us with this question: “Are You Ready for Your “Nets” to be Filled?” The assigned scripture text is Luke 6:4-8 and Luke 5:1-11.


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